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One of the great things about hav­ing a smart­phone is the po­ten­tial that gives you to carry dig­i­tal ver­sions of doc­u­ments with you when­ever you go. So what if you al­ready have things printed out and want to digi­tise them, but have no scan­ner? Ge­nius Scan is one of many doc­u­ment scan­ning apps around that en­deav­ours to cap­ture your doc­u­ments and re­pro­duce them into a clear file. Sim­ply lay your file down flat (tip: try to get out as many creases as pos­si­ble, as th­ese turn up as lines on the fin­ished prod­uct) and then press the cap­ture but­ton. The app will take a few mo­ments to de­tect the edges of the page (some­times, it’ll have prob­lems do­ing this), then you’ll see a crisp black-and-white file ap­pear in your li­brary. You can add tags, re­name the im­age, ro­tate and per­form some ba­sic edit­ing, and put it into a group with other files. It works with pages of all sizes, so you can eas­ily store all your re­ceipts in the app, ready for any time you need them. There’s also a few dif­fer­ent ex­port op­tions. Up­grad­ing to Scan+ not only gets rid of the rather non-in­va­sive ads, but gives you op­tions to upload to the cloud ser­vice of your choice, as well as im­port docs from other apps, en­crypt your files and much more. How­ever, as good as Ge­nius Scan is, the fu­ture of th­ese sorts of ap­pli­ca­tions has been put into ques­tion (at least, on iOS) with the ar­rival of Ap­ple’s Notes scan­ning fea­ture, which does pretty much the same thing. There’s also a range of other ex­ist­ing apps, such as Ever­note, that pro­vide this fea­ture as well — which you may al­ready have on your phone.

Carmel Sealey

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