AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X

$1,150 | WWW.AMD.COM A less-costly way to tear it up.

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You may not look upon this $1,150 processor as a good value propo­si­tion. How­ever, within the scope of a HEDT sys­tem and in com­par­i­son with the In­tel Core i7 and i9 X-series range, per­haps even its sta­ble­mate the 1950X, the Ryzen Threadripper 1920X ac­tu­ally presents good value for money with broad spec ca­pa­bil­ity and per­for­mance that marginally shad­ows the faster Core i9-7900X and 1950X, while a step ahead of the i7-7820X.

Con­sid­er­ing the 1920X’s price, this unit slots into the mar­ket in a gap be­tween the Core i7-7820X and Core i9-7900X. In per-core per­for­mance, the In­tel so­lu­tions are faster, but the over­all pack­age pre­sented by the 1920X at $1,150 is an at­trac­tive of­fer­ing in com­par­i­son with the In­tel Core units. The Ryzen Threadripper 1920X brings 12 cores and 24 threads to the bout, eclips­ing both In­tel op­tions within range. The higher core count does as­sist the 1920X in match­ing or ex­ceed­ing the 7900X in heav­ily mul­ti­threaded work­loads; how­ever, the abil­ity to push high fre­quen­cies with the 7900X ul­ti­mately makes it the faster op­tion over­all. How­ever, tak­ing that op­tion is more costly and nei­ther In­tel op­tions can match the plat­form I/O re­sources avail­able on AMD’s X399 Threadripper plat­form.

Nes­tled right in the sweet spot of price, per­for­mance, plat­form re­sources and I/O, equipped to han­dle the ap­pro­pri­ate work­loads for a HEDT plat­form, AMD’s new 1920X presents ex­cep­tional value for money for a high-end processor and PC.


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