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First, let’s make sure no­body can get into your Face­book ac­count and post any­thing they shouldn’t and, if they do, that you’ll know about it. Head to www.face­ as usual and, on the right side of the blue header bar, click the down­ward point­ing ar­row and head to Set­tings. In the left column, click ‘Se­cu­rity and lo­gin’, then scroll down to the ‘Set­ting up ex­tra se­cu­rity’ sec­tion.


Click Edit next to ‘Get alerts about un­recog­nised lo­gins’, and se­lect the ap­pro­pri­ate op­tions to re­ceive a Face­book no­ti­fi­ca­tion when a new ma­chine logs in, or an email sent to any ad­dresses you’ve con­firmed with Face­book in the past, then save changes. There’s a link here to add a new ad­dress, which will take you to more set­tings; click ‘Se­cu­rity and lo­gin’ to get back.


Se­lect the ‘Choose 3 to 5 friends...’ op­tion, then click ‘Choose friends’. Face­book gives you the op­tion of choos­ing real-life bud­dies who can help you get back into your ac­count should it be com­pro­mised. Click ‘Choose trusted con­tacts’, type their names — Face­book will find them from your friends list — and click Con­firm. That’s it for you; they’ll be in­formed of what they need to do next.


Two-fac­tor au­then­ti­ca­tion, the mid­dle op­tion, means you’ll need two things to log in — your usual pass­word, and a se­cu­rity code. This could be gen­er­ated by your Face­book mo­bile app, sent to your phone, or pulled from a cache of spare codes that you’ll keep se­cret. Run through the op­tions to set this up — it’s easy as long as you have a mo­bile num­ber as­so­ci­ated with your ac­count.


Se­lect Pri­vacy in the left column. Here, you can de­fine the de­fault pri­vacy set­tings for your fu­ture posts — we’d rec­om­mend Friends, al­though it’s pos­si­ble to ex­clude some on your friends list by choos­ing ‘Friends ex­cept...’ or set all your posts to pri­vate — this couldn’t be more se­cure, al­though you’ll need to man­u­ally set the pri­vacy of each post as you make it — see Step 10 be­low.


If you’ve pre­vi­ously been post­ing things pub­licly, you may be wor­ried that you’ll now have to plough through all your old posts to hide them from pry­ing eyes. Not so — use the ‘Limit past posts’ op­tion to au­to­mat­i­cally set your archived posts to friends-only. You can also use the op­tions be­low to re­strict who’s al­lowed to look you up or can­vass you with a friend re­quest.


You can do more than de­flect friend re­quests — head to the Block­ing sec­tion in the left column of set­tings and you can deny app re­quests, block spe­cific users from see­ing any­thing you post, stop peo­ple con­tact­ing you via Face­book Mes­sen­ger, and more. You can also block and mute users on your time­line by click­ing the down­ward ar­row on their posts and re­view­ing your op­tions.


Now use the ‘Time­line and tag­ging’ sec­tion to choose who’s al­lowed to see your pro­file page. This is per­haps the most crit­i­cal part of ev­ery­thing we’re do­ing here — your pro­file page could well be link­ing to per­son­ally iden­ti­fy­ing in­for­ma­tion, so you’ll want to en­sure non-friends can see as lit­tle as pos­si­ble. If em­bar­rass­ing rel­a­tives keep post­ing to your time­line, you can nix it here, too.


Your next step isn’t one that Face­book can help you with di­rectly, it’s more com­mon sense. Click your pro­file pic­ture on the blue bar to head to your pro­file page, then click ‘Edit pro­file’. Re­move any in­for­ma­tion that isn’t ab­so­lutely crit­i­cal to some­one find­ing you — be as cagey as you can. To hide old posts, click the top right ar­row on each one, se­lect Edit and change the sta­tus.


Now click the Face­book logo to head back to your time­line. In the box at the top, be­gin cre­at­ing a new post. You’ll see, at the bot­tom of the post com­po­si­tion box, a drop-down box marked Friends. This is the post’s pri­vacy; you can quickly set a post to pri­vate, or share it with spe­cific peo­ple, by click­ing this box. Bear it in mind when you post from now on.

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