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The old ‘Start > Run’ di­a­log may not be shown by de­fault on the Start menu any­more, but it’s still there (press ‘Win-R’) and it’s as use­ful as ever. The more you use it, the bet­ter it be­comes, be­cause au­to­com­plete kicks in, while typ­ing paths is also quick, as all avail­able sub-fold­ers pop up as you type, help­ing you to lo­cate and travel through your filesys­tem that lit­tle bit quicker.

Let’s start with a Win­dows 10-only tip. The new Set­tings menu can be labyrinthine to nav­i­gate, but the Run di­a­log gives you ac­cess to any sec­tion with the fol­low­ing syn­tax: ms-set­tings:<short­cut> You need to re­place ‘<short­cut>’ with your choice of lo­ca­tion, such as ‘ms-set­tings:win­dow­sup­date’, ‘ms-set­tings:lockscreen’ or ‘ms-set­tings:dis­play’.

The Run di­a­log also speeds up ac­cess to the Con­trol Panel, al­though many of the short­cuts now re­di­rect to their Set­tings equiv­a­lent, such as ‘con­trol desk­top’. Those that don’t in­clude ‘con­trol ad­mintools’, ‘con­trol sys­tem’ (Sys­tem Con­trol Panel) and ‘con­trol sysdm.cpl’ (Sys­tem Prop­er­ties). See a full list at sup­port.mi­ Oth­ers in­clude ‘de­vmgmt.msc’ (De­vice Man­ager), ‘taskmgr’ (Task Man­ager), ‘clean­mgr’ (Disk Cleanup), as well as any pro­gram short­cuts or pro­gram file names (such as ‘win­word’ for Mi­crosoft Word).

One other ma­jor use for the Run di­a­log is to browse hid­den user fold­ers — specif­i­cally your ap­pli­ca­tion data fold­ers. This is done with en­vi­ron­ment vari­ables — %Ap­pData% points to C:\User\<Your­name>\.Ap­pData\Roaming, for in­stance, while %Lo­calAp­pData% redi­rects to C:\User\<Your­name>/.Ap­pData\Lo­cal. Type “%Ap­pData%\” and you see a list of sub-fold­ers — keep typ­ing, and they fil­ter down un­til you can se­lect one.

Other en­vi­ron­ment vari­ables in­clude %windir% (your Win­dows direc­tory, typ­i­cally C:\Win­dows), %OneDrive% (your OneDrive folder) and %Pro­gramData% (the lo­ca­tion of the Pro­gramData folder).

The Run di­a­log box is a time­sav­ing su­per­star.

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