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Jot­terPad has been de­signed for au­thors, whether you’re writ­ing a novel or a screen­play, poem or es­say, with its clear, crisp lay­out and handy for­mat­ting tools. It’s es­pe­cially handy for screen­writ­ers, as Jot­terPad of­fers short­cuts to paste in oft re­peated lo­ca­tions and char­ac­ters, rather than hav­ing to type out each one — which can get repet­i­tive in a rapid-fire con­ver­sa­tion. Aut­ofill helps the process here; an in­tel­li­gent fea­ture. There’s also a va­ri­ety of screen modes for edit­ing and read­ing, so you can get your screen­play in front of your crew in the for­mat they’re used to. If a word comes to mind and you want to check its mean­ing, an in­stant dic­tio­nary search pulls up re­sults from Word­net, Big Word and Glosbe, a trio of dic­tio­nar­ies and the­sauruses. That lat­ter fea­ture comes free, but the pow­er­ful screen­play tools have to be paid for — a not-in­signif­i­cant $20.99. With your wal­let firmly in your pocket, you get an un­clut­tered, min­i­mal­ist word pro­ces­sor, but one that pales in com­par­i­son to Google Docs.

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