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This one is a nos­tal­gic choice for any­one who re­mem­bers Wi­namp and its ‘lla­mas’ wel­come sound. How­ever, in ev­ery other re­gard, Qmmp is a mod­ern mul­ti­me­dia player that con­tin­ues to re­ceive fre­quent up­dates, en­hance­ments and fixes. We think it at­tracts a no­tice­able num­ber of peo­ple who want to have a sim­ple player with a playlist and all the fre­quently used con­trols fit in­side its small main win­dow. Qmmp looks very sim­i­lar to Wi­namp, and given the fact that it sup­ports all of the un­count­able num­bers of WSZ skins ever cre­ated for Wi­namp 2.x, you can make it look iden­ti­cal to the pro­to­type.

Qmmp was made with the idea that you may want to or­gan­ise your mu­sic with a file man­ager and browse al­bums as fold­ers, with­out keep­ing a sep­a­rate li­brary (which is com­monly a SQLite data­base in most other play­ers). Hav­ing said that, all you need to do is drag a se­lec­tion of files or fold­ers on to the player’s win­dow and watch them be added to the playlist. By de­fault, the Qmmp win­dow con­sists of three parts: the player it­self, the equaliser and the playlist. All three stick to each other like mag­nets, but you can still de­tach the equaliser and playlist, re­ar­range them or keep them com­pletely sep­a­rate.

The player is a ver­sa­tile mul­ti­me­dia ma­chine, thanks to the bun­dled set of plug­ins. Most desk­top en­vi­ron­ments as­so­ci­ate Qmmp with au­dio files, whereas the player can open video files just fine. For that, Qmmp uses FFM­peg and Mplayer plug­ins, but it also sup­ports mpg123, gme, Was­api and more.

For in­stance, us­ing gme (which stands for ‘game’), you can play games such as Su­per Mario for Game Boy right in­side the Qmmp player. Looks as though we have an ap­pli­ca­tion for ev­ery­thing, which means you can get rid of other me­dia play­ers — if you like the ap­proach and style of Qmmp.

The player should al­ready be avail­able in your pack­age man­ager, so no need to deal with sources (un­less you need bleed­ing edge code).

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