Log­itech G233

Flex­i­ble yet af­ford­able.

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For savvy on­line shop­pers, the Log­itech G233 can be picked up for un­der $90, which puts it right in the mid­dle of the range tested. The head­set is wired only, but uses a re­mov­able cable and comes with both a dual and sin­gle 3.5mm cable, and in­line con­trols. This means the G233 can be used with a PC, con­sole or smart­phone, for flex­i­ble gam­ing au­dio.

The Log­itech head­set uses large mesh cov­ered pads that sit en­tirely over the ear, and are re­move­able for clean­ing. The ear pads also ro­tate, so can be folded flat­ter into your gam­ing bag. Com­bined with the padded and ad­justable head­band, com­fort is ex­cel­lent, and the head­set is not too tight on a large head. For those who like marathon gam­ing ses­sions, the head­set is also fairly light at 259 grams. The mi­cro­phone is de­tach­able, so the G233 can be used as head­phones with­out look­ing out of place. The mo­bile ver­sion of the cable even has a mi­cro­phone, so the G233 can still be used for mak­ing calls when paired with a smart­phone.

The G233 uses typ­i­cal 40mm driv­ers rated at 32 Ohms, and with a 20 – 20,000 Hz fre­quency re­sponse. Thanks in part to the ex­cel­lent noise iso­la­tion, the head­set packs a de­cent amount of bass, with nice clar­ity in the mid-range, and slightly ane­mic highs. Still, over­all the sound qual­ity is great, and the G233 han­dles both gam­ing and mu­sic well. The mi­cro­phone recorded crisp au­dio, and is well set up for voice chat.

$90 | WWW.GAM­ING.LOG­ITECH.COM/EN-AU De­tach­able mic; 40mm driv­ers; Dual re­mov­able ca­bles $130 | WWW.RAZERZONE.COM Dual 50mm driv­ers; Fre­quency re­sponse: 12 - 28,000Hz; Vir­tual 7.1 sur­round sound

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