Log­itech G231

Just be­cause you can, doesn’t mean you should...

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Log­itech has earned it­self a legacy against which very few oth­ers in the PC pe­riph­er­als mar­ket can com­pete. How­ever, here we have a prime ex­am­ple of when things don’t go quite right.

Sim­ply put, we can­not rec­om­mend the G231 head­set. Let’s start with the good: from a dis­tance, it looks great. Now the bad!

The G231 lacks any def­i­ni­tion in the up­per end of the tre­ble. The muf­fled cries of artists feel hid­den, al­most smoth­ered by the dom­i­nat­ing thrum of over­pow­er­ing bass notes. Def­i­ni­tion of sound is lost for the sake of gam­ing prow­ess and awe, if you can call it that.

As a whole, the de­sign isn’t ac­tu­ally too bad and it fol­lows Log­itech’s some­what metic­u­lous styling. The prob­lem is the ma­te­ri­als em­ployed. The plas­tic feels cheap, with a soft sheen and a sense of snap­pa­bil­ity. Cou­ple that with a very sim­i­lar feel­ing mi­cro­phone boom mech­a­nism, and the G231 sim­ply doesn’t sing it­self any praises.

We’re not just say­ing this be­cause we’re used to tripledigit priced cans. The G231 doesn’t even hit the mark com­pared to prod­ucts at the same price point. Take SteelSeries’ Siberia 150, for in­stance. The cheaper 150’s sound­scape is clean, re­fined, with no heavy em­pha­sis on bass. There’s less ma­te­rial there, too, but what there is feels flex­i­ble and strong, and the more abra­sive fin­ish on the head­band feels more premium.

In the end, if all you’re af­ter is a head­set purely for gam­ing, and your budget is tight, the Log­itech G231 is fit for pur­pose. It’s not the best, but it does the job.

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