Australian Geographic - - Snapshot - Craig Hamil­ton, Black­heath

Where did the as­ter­oid that wiped out the di­nosaurs hit Earth? The study that iden­ti­fied a gi­gan­tic buried crater at Chicx­u­lub in Mex­ico’s Yu­catán Penin­sula as the im­pact site for the as­ter­oid that led to the mass ex­tinc­tion of di­nosaurs is a great de­tec­tive story. It in­cluded the dis­cov­ery of the crater through air­borne ge­o­mag­netic sur­veys in the late 1970s, and, soon after­wards, the in­de­pen­dent re­al­i­sa­tion that the di­nosaurs prob­a­bly dis­ap­peared in the af­ter­math of an as­ter­oid im­pact. Both the crater and the im­pact have now been re­li­ably dated to an age of 66 mil­lion years, and Chicx­u­lub has been the ac­cepted lo­ca­tion of the im­pact since the early 1990s. If you have a space ques­tion for Fred, email it to edi­to­rial@aus­

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