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That pin­wheel­ing dervish at the front of the stage – clad in the in­creas­ingly ridicu­lous school­boy out­fit – has been the fo­cal point of Acca Dacca ever since equally-charis­matic singer Bon Scott shuf­fled off this mor­tal coil. And with good rea­son: if you’re read­ing this, chances are you’ve spent more than a few painstak­ing hours pick­ing out the tap solo to “Thunderstruck” or get­ting those licks on “It’s A Long Way To The Top” in or­der.

But while An­gus’ tal­ents have long been the band’s calling card, Mal­colm Young’s rock-solid rhythm has al­ways been the band’s se­cret weapon. He’s the metronome that gave the bass and drums that nec­es­sary lee­way to bring AC/DC’s songs a swing that was lack­ing from most hard rock bands; the an­chor that al­lowed An­gus to go off on so many flights of fret­board-fid­dling fancy.

The band was dealt a body blow when, as his de­men­tia wors­ened, Mal­colm re­tired from the band in 2014. He was re­placed by his and An­gus’ nephew, Ste­vie (son of their late brother Stephen), who had pre­vi­ously filled in briefly when Mal­com went to re­hab in 1988. If An­gus was the ar­tillery of the band, Mal­colm was the de­pend­able in­fantry: no flashy, but full of grunt.

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