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The DV Mark EVO 1 is 12 amps in one and more, of­fer­ing six unique amp choices for each of its two chan­nels, along with a host of other use­ful op­tions all up­dat­able via a sim­ple down­load or patch swap.

The EVO 1 fea­tures a front panel with two chan­nels that of­fer amp con­trols which will be com­fort­ably fa­mil­iar to ev­ery gui­tarist. You’ll find re­verb on each chan­nel, speaker em­u­la­tors, MIDI, an on­board tuner, aux in, head­phone out, two se­rial FX loops, XLR line out, Boost, and a pow­er­ful 250W MPT (Mark Pro­pri­etary Tech­nol­ogy) power amp with a warm tone and un­matched dy­nam­ics. The power amp tech­nol­ogy utilised is not “off the shelf” – it’s pro­pri­etary to DV Mark and specif­i­cally de­signed for use with a gui­tar.

The 12 amps dis­trib­uted be­tween the two chan­nels pro­vide you with choices of clean, crunch and lead tones. Be­ing soft­ware-based, the EVO 1’s amp choices can be eas­ily up­dated through the supplied EVO 1 soft­ware. The Boost func­tion on each chan­nel gives you a dy­nam­i­cally re­spon­sive boost of up to +12dB, so you can punch your sound up dur­ing so­los. The tuner func­tion also in­cor­po­rates au­to­matic mut­ing for live work.

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