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“All the in­stru­ments came from ei­ther Amer­ica or Bri­tain, and most of the acts that we lis­tened to were com­ing from the UK. Ibanez didn’t ex­ist, so Gib­son and Fender were re­ally the only choices – and Fra­mus, but those were sort of the be­gin­ner mod­els and lower-priced gui­tars that ev­ery­body had. But now, they’re mak­ing re­ally high-qual­ity in­stru­ments; they’re com­pletely dif­fer­ent. My first cheapo elec­tric was a depart­ment store gui­tar, which was maybe a $50 hand-me-down. I can’t re­mem­ber what model it was, but it had four pick­ups, if you can be­lieve that. Luck­ily, I was good friends with the lo­cal gui­tar store owner and he al­ways let us just take stuff to re­hearsal to try, so I con­stantly schlepped stuff into the stu­dio – amps, ped­als, gui­tars – ev­ery week, lit­er­ally, for years. It was crazy, but great.”

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