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Noth­ing fires an Ac­cept fan up more than the flash of Wolf Hoffman’s iconic white Fly­ing V. The first one didn’t quite match his dream colour, but Wolf found a way to make it work.

“In the stu­dio, when no­body was look­ing, all the record­ings were done on the Strat,” he says. “But the Fly­ing V was great for per­form­ing live, and I thought it was cool as hell! It made peo­ple look, and cer­tainly in our hometown, see­ing two of them to­gether was un­usual. But I wanted mine to be white, and my first V was ac­tu­ally like a brown sun­burst – some bor­ing colour. So, I took it to a car spray paint booth. I had it sprayed with real cheap fin­ish be­cause I didn’t want to pay the price to have it done prop­erly by a gui­tar store.”

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