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“Right af­ter that hatchet job of a film came out, we were do­ing a fes­ti­val in Seat­tle and we’d taken our skull up there. For one rea­son or an­other, the pro­moter re­fused to send it back down to Los An­ge­les, and with Ian Faith man­ag­ing our fi­nances, we didn’t have the dosh to send the skull back our­selves. To cut a long story into two longer sto­ries, we just left the skull at the venue. Now it’s seven years later, we’re play­ing the Fox Theatre in Seat­tle on the Break Like The Wind tour, and this woman comes backstage – a man­ager of the grunge bands of the era. They had all kind of con­gre­gated around this bloke who, in his back­yard, had the skull. He’d seen it at the Seat­tle Cen­ter and no­body had claimed it, so he trucked it over to his back­yard. Th­ese bands – Pearl Jam was one of them, I think – they met in his back­yard in the shadow of the orig­i­nal Spinal Tap skull, and I just thought, ‘Well, that is… We should maybe be get­ting roy­al­ties from those bands.’ But no­body re­ally brought that up. What­ever mes­sage they got from our skull is em­bed­ded in grunge. It was like the torch had been passed. But they re­mem­bered, they said, ‘We re­ally learned a lot about what not to do on stage from you guys.’”

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