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Ger­many loud­speaker man­u­fac­turer Elac has in­tro­duced a fam­ily of wire­less ac­tive loud­speak­ers as part of its Air-X sys­tem. The sys­tem con­sists of ac­tive loud­speak­ers each equipped with an Air-X AMP am­pli­fier unit, and the Air-X BASE base sta­tion, which can be pur­chased separately. The BASE acts as the cen­tral con­trol unit to which you connect your var­i­ous dig­i­tal and ana­logue sources for loss­less 24-bit/48kHz con­ver­sion and r.f. trans­mis­sion via Elac’s 2.4GHz ‘KleerNet’ to the ac­tive speak­ers.

The Air-X AMP is Class A/B de­sign which Elac rates with a power out­put of 225-watts into 4 . In­te­gral DSP func­tions al­low you to make ad­just­ments to bass and tre­ble and in­voke a loud­ness con­tour if de­sired. For those who don’t want or re­quire wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity, both bal­anced and un­bal­anced ana­logue in­puts are pro­vided. Two book­shelf/stand­mount mod­els are avail­able, the Air-X203 and Air-X403, and two floor-standers, the Air-X207 and Air-X407. The Air-X sys­tem can ac­com­mo­date mul­ti­ple loud­speak­ers, all of which can be con­trolled by one or more Air-X BASE units. ‘ You can play the same mu­sic through­out the house or play back dif­fer­ent sig­nals in ev­ery room,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Syn­ergy Au­dio Vis­ual, which dis­trib­utes Elac in Australia. ‘ A sin­gle BASE unit can con­trol up to three zones, of­fer­ing the kind of flex­i­bil­ity that is a joy to hear. With the AIR-X sys­tem, Elac has a prod­uct fam­ily whose com­bi­na­tion of wire­less func­tion­al­ity and su­perla­tive play­back qual­ity is with­out prece­dent.’ For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, please con­tact Syn­ergy Au­dio Vis­ual on (03) 9459 7474 or visit www.syn­er­gyau­dio.com

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