Chris Abra­hams

| Fluid To The In­flu­ence | Room40 RM464

Australian HIFI - - JAZZ TRACK -

On One-Liter Cold Lap­top Chris Abra­hams has sounds spear­ing at you with such venom as might be the sound­track to the apoca­lypse. The Necks’ pi­anist doesn’t leave you cow­er­ing for long, how­ever, with Scale Upon the Land an almost Ar­ca­dian vi­sion of seren­ity re­alised with pi­ano and elec­tron­ics, car­ry­ing faint echoes of Miles Davis’s In a Silent Way. There­after the di­a­logue be­tween pi­ano, or­gan and elec­tron­ics de­vel­ops and evolves, as does that be­tween light and dark, with each piece dis­tinc­tive in its tex­tu­ral char­ac­ter. At the heart of Abra­hams’ mu­sic is a con­cept of beauty im­plic­itly lay­ered with dis­quiet, like a Gior­gio de Chirico can­vas, and some­times this fore­bod­ing is ac­tu­ally jus­ti­fied by a sonic shock, an ef­fect akin to be­ing blasted awake from a eu­phoric dream by the sound of the tele­phone ring­ing.

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