Jazz in the Space Age

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Australian HIFI - - SUPER FIDELITY -

It’s good to have this 1960 al­bum in ex­cel­lent son­ics for the first time. It was trans­ferred by HDTT from 15-ips two-track and is avail­able as a dig­i­tal down­load in sev­eral hi-res for­mats. Ge­orge Rus­sell (1923–2009) emerged on the avant-garde jazz scene in 1946, when he wrote for Gille­spie’s Afro-Cuban jazz or­ches­tra, but as a com­poser he stamped his name on jazz his­tory through map­ping a new ap­proach based on con­cepts es­poused in his book ‘The Ly­dian Con­cept of Tonal Or­gan­i­sa­tion.’ His writ­ing was har­mon­i­cally ad­ven­tur­ous with­out re­sort­ing to com­plete atonal­ity and rec­on­ciled sur­prise with struc­ture, the over­all ef­fect be­ing that of a con­ti­nu­ity of thought few com­posers or play­ers in jazz have been able to achieve. And although Rus­sell’s mu­sic is within the log­i­cal jazz growth, his forms were to­tally new rather than sim­ply re­con­struc­tions of older forms.


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