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McIn­tosh has re­leased the big­gest in­te­grated am­pli­fier it has ever made, the MA9000. It’s rated at 300-watts per chan­nel, mea­sures 445×240×559mm (WHD) and weighs 45.9kg. As well as us­ing mi­cro­pro­ces­sors to mon­i­tor and con­trol all cir­cuit op­er­a­tions, the MA9000’s cir­cuitry in­cludes ‘Pow­erGuard’, which pre­vents the am­pli­fier from be­ing driven into clip­ping, and ‘Sen­try Mon­i­tor’ which pro­vides pro­tec­tion against short-cir­cuits.

The out­put stage is rated at 300-watts per chan­nel into 8 . It also de­liv­ers 300-watts per chan­nel into 4 and 2 loads due to McIn­tosh us­ing its ‘Aut­o­former’ trans­form­ers on the out­puts. ‘ McIn­tosh is us­ing new high-cur­rent out­put tran­sis­tors in the MA9000 that elim­i­nate ther­mal equi­lib­rium lag time,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Syn­ergy Au­dio Vis­ual, which dis­trib­utes McIn­tosh in Aus­tralia, ‘ so un­like most high­end am­pli­fiers, you don’t have to leave the am­pli­fier switched on all the time for best sonic per­for­mance… the MA9000 is good to go al­most im­me­di­ately after it has been switched on. Also, un­like most high-end com­po­nents, it fea­tures a dis­crete, eight-band equaliser that al­lows ad­vanced man­ual ad­just­ment of tone qual­ity to cor­rect for poor record­ings.’ In ad­di­tion to two phono in­puts (one mov­ing-coil and one mov­ing-mag­net), there are eight line-level in­puts (two of them bal­anced) and a full range of dig­i­tal in­puts: two coax­ial, two op­ti­cal, one USB and one MCT. All the dig­i­tal in­puts are con­tained in a McIn­tosh DA1 Dig­i­tal Au­dio Mod­ule which uses an 8-chan­nel, 32-bit dig­i­tal-toana­logue con­verter in Quad Bal­anced mode. The USB in­put can process up to DSD256 and DXD384kHz, while the other dig­i­tal in­puts can process up to 24-bit/192kHz. The mod­ule is re­mov­able, so that should up­graded cir­cuitry or dig­i­tal pro­cesses be­come avail­able in the fu­ture, you can sim­ply swap in a new mod­ule to pro­vide those fea­tures.

For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, please con­tact Syn­ergy Au­dio Vis­ual on (03) 9459 7474 or visit the web­site at www.syn­er­gyau­

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