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Unison Re­search’s Max 2 loud­speak­ers are now avail­able in Aus­tralia. ‘ This new Unison Re­search model is de­signed to be matched, in par­tic­u­lar, to the Unison Re­search valve am­pli­fiers,’ said Chris Strom, of Ra­di­ance Au­dio Vis­ual, which dis­trib­utes the brand in Aus­tralia.

The Max2’s 381mm bass/midrange driver is made in Italy us­ing a cone made from a com­bi­na­tion of wood and car­bon fi­bre and a new­ly­de­vel­oped sur­round sus­pen­sion made from a fab­ric wo­ven with 51 per cent cot­ton and 49 per cent polyester which is shaped into a triple wave, rather than a sin­gle roll.

The Max2’s 100mm dual layer voice coil op­er­ates from a neodymium mag­net. The high-fre­quency com­pres­sion driver in the Max2 is also made in Italy us­ing a 35 mm alu­minium di­aphragm, a 74mm alu­minium voice coil and a neodymium mag­net. It is loaded by a 60°×50° el­lip­ti­cal Con­stant Cov­er­age (ESS) horn made of moulded polyurethane that main­tains a con­stant di­rec­tiv­ity in­dex (±0.85dB) to be­yond 12kHz.

The two-way cross­over in­side the Max2 uses both fer­rite-cored and air-cored in­duc­tors wound with oxy­gen-free cop­per wire, Mun­dorf ca­pac­i­tors and se­lected MOX re­sis­tors, all of which are fixed to an Ital­ian-made SET printed cir­cuit board.

The nom­i­nal cross­over fre­quency is 800Hz, and the elec­tri­cal slopes ei­ther side are de­lib­er­ately asym­met­ric, with a 12dB/oc­tave slope on the low-pass fil­ter sec­tion and a 12dB/oc­tave slope on the high-pass fil­ter sec­tion. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, please con­tact Ra­di­ance Au­dio Vis­ual on (02) 9659 1117 or visit www.ra­di­anceav.com.au

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