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Ja­pa­nese op­ti­cal car­tridge pi­o­neer DS Au­dio has just launched its first au­dio ac­ces­sory, the ST-50 sty­lus cleaner. The ST-50 isn’t your typ­i­cal sty­lus cleaner. It com­prises a clean­ing pad made of the same ure­thane resin used to fil­ter the air in high-tech clean rooms. To use it, you sim­ply tape your turntable’s plat­ter in place so it can’t ro­tate, then place the ST-50 onto the turntable plat­ter and lower the ton­earm (prefer­ably us­ing a ton­earm lifter) so the phono sty­lus sinks into the gel pad. Do this three times and DS Au­dio claims your sty­lus will be com­pletely free of dirt and dust. ‘ In the same way that the ure­thane resin pre­vents dust from con­tam­i­nat­ing a clean room by ab­sorb­ing mi­cro-level dust par­ti­cles, the ST-50 ef­fort­lessly re­moves par­ti­cles of dust and dirt from the sty­lus tip,’ said Boris Gra­novsky of Ab­so­lute Hi End, which dis­trib­utes DS Au­dio in Aus­tralia. ‘ Com­pared to us­ing brushes and sol­vents, it is ex­tremely gen­tle and safe, be­cause no force is be­ing ap­plied to the sty­lus tip and there is no risk to car­tridges that use ce­ment-bonded styli, whose bond­ing can some­times be dis­solved by cer­tain sol­vent-based clean­ing liq­uids.’

The ST-50 sty­lus cleaner presents with a sleek alu­minium cas­ing with a nickel-plated fin­ish, with an un­der­side padded with leather so as to present a soft sur­face for the turntable’s plat­ter. ‘ Best of all, the ST-50’s ure­thane gel pad is wash­able and re-us­able,’ said Gra­novsky. ‘ So to main­tain op­ti­mal clean­ing power, you sim­ply re­move the pad from the cas­ing and rinse it in tap wa­ter, then al­low it to dry at room tem­per­a­ture for around 30 min­utes.’ Avail­able now, the DS Au­dio ST-50 sty­lus cleaner sells for $115 (RRP). For more in­for­ma­tion, con­tact Ab­so­lute Hi End on (04) 8877 7999 or at www.ab­so­lute­hiend.com

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