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Ex­po­sure has added a monobloc power am­pli­fier, the XM9, to its com­pact XM series. Rated with an out­put of 80-watts into 8 , the Ex­po­sure XM9—de­spite its small size—does not use a switch-mode power sup­ply, but in­stead fea­tures a lin­ear power sup­ply with a large 200VA cus­tom-made toroidal power trans­former… and not sur­pris­ingly, be­cause Ex­po­sure’s chief de­signer, Tony Brady, is no fan of switch­mode power sup­plies. ‘ While most smaller hi-fi com­po­nents—and in­deed a good many larger ones—fall back on switch-mode power sup­plies… they’re far from au­dio­phile grade and pol­lute the mains sup­ply with noise,’ he said. ‘ I’ve also used only high qual­ity re­sis­tors and ca­pac­i­tors in the XM9’s sig­nal path and, in the out­put stage, Toshiba bipo­lar out­put tran­sis­tors that have been care­fully cho­sen for their su­pe­rior dy­namic per­for­mance.’

Ac­cord­ing to Bill Plant­zos, Na­tional Sales & Mar­ket­ing Man­ager for RVM Aus­tralia, which dis­trib­utes Ex­po­sure in Aus­tralia, the ar­rival of the XM9 is fur­ther proof that high-per­for­mance hi-fi does not need an ‘XXL’ space and bud­get. ‘ Real world hi-fi at “real world” prices is some­thing Ex­po­sure has al­ways been par­tic­u­larly strong on and the XM series is no ex­cep­tion, of­fer­ing smart so­lu­tions for mu­sic lovers who want su­pe­rior hi-fi per­for­mance,’ he said. ‘ The XM Series is the first of Ex­po­sure’s ranges to clev­erly pack a full quota of high-qual­ity fea­tures into a nar­row, half-width de­sign and this new XM9 is a per­fect part­ner for the re­cent­lyre­leased XM7 pream­pli­fier.’

Avail­able now in black or ti­ta­nium fin­ish, the Ex­po­sure XM9 monoblocs sell for $3,695 per pair. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, please con­tact RVM Aus­tralia on (08) 9417 9944 or visit the web­site at www.rvm.com.au

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