As a coach, one of the most com­mon ques­tions I get asked is: ‘How do I set up my train­ing zones?’ The an­swer de­pends on whether you use a heart rate mon­i­tor, power meter or nei­ther, and also on which method of train­ing zone cal­cu­la­tion you want to use. Th

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Rate of Per­ceived Ex­er­tion (RPE) is a well-recog­nised method of gaug­ing ef­fort. The orig­i­nal RPE scale was cre­ated by Gun­nar Borg and it rated ex­er­tion on a scale of 6-20, with 6 rep­re­sent­ing ‘no ef­fort at all’ and 20 rep­re­sent­ing ‘max­i­mum ef­fort’. Since the pub­li­ca­tion of this orig­i­nal Borg RPE scale, there have been many dif­fer­ent ver­sions used. Most com­monly, ath­letes tend to use a RPE scale of 1 to 10, as this is eas­ier to re­late to. Re­gard­less of the ex­act scale used, most stud­ies have shown that an ath­lete’s per­ceived level of ex­er­tion is re­mark­ably quite an ac­cu­rate way of mea­sur­ing train­ing in­ten­sity.

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