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then on! Bathurst sleep­ing quar­ters were un­der the tarp stretched be­tween the GT and the XA. That’s me car­ry­ing some­body’s car fridge.” As to the char­ac­ters perched on the old Chev, Kerry won­ders whether “any of th­ese blokes sur­face, and if so, at what level of re­gret.”

Kerry once owned a HQ GTS 350 he be­lieves was painted a one-off colour as a Styling depart­ment ex­er­cise at Holden. “I had a mate at Fish­er­mans Bend and he sourced this 308ci 4-speed GTS, be­lieved to be the first one built, for eval­u­a­tion as to whether it would be re­leased or not. It had no bon­net black-outs. Sev­eral peo­ple wanted one af­ter see­ing mine, but they could not get this colour. My mate pin-striped it and painted the 308 on the rear.” Could his mate’s hand­i­work re­gard­ing the ‘308’ have in­spired Holden’s stylists to adopt this styling trait on later GTS mod­els? Kerry is cer­tainly of this opin­ion.

“I had to sell the GTS to be able to pur­chase the SL/R 5000,” Kerry re­calls. “In those days it was con­sid­ered a great tow ve­hi­cle: small body, big en­gine. I used to tow my boat to Mer­im­bula

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