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wasn’t just lead that some lucky mo­torists re­ceived from petrol com­pa­nies when they filled up their cars in the 1960s. Long be­fore any of us had heard the ex­pres­sion ‘pointof-sale ma­te­rial’, Nep­tune was ex­tolling the virtues of Su­per­lube oil by hand­ing out col­lectible au­to­graph cards. Fea­tur­ing Nep­tune Rac­ing’s trio of tin-top stars – Norm Beechey, Peter Man­ton and Jim McKe­own – the cards were the first word in pro­mo­tional ma­te­rial half a cen­tury ago. AMC ad­ver­tis­ing guru Cameron Davis dug up these cool cards as part of his fa­ther Bob Davis’s col­lec­tion of mem­o­ra­bilia. Pretty cool, huh? How does it go? Given the car has had a full restora­tion it drives bet­ter than a new car of the day (it has mod­ern day re­place­ment sus­pen­sion com­po­nents, shocks and tyres) but not as good as a mod­ern day mus­cle car. But then I wanted to ex­pe­ri­ence the feel of a real 1970s mus­cle car and it’s great to drive. I don’t think how­ever I could push it down Con­rod at close to 130mph. Those driv­ers were some­thing spe­cial. Any­thing you would like to add? This restora­tion has been a labour of love. As I wrote in is­sue #42’s “Thefts re­births and rip offs” I just wanted to get my dad’s car back. I knew the odds of do­ing this were very slim so I have the next best thing. The car is bet­ter than a new car that would have driven off the show­room floor in 1972. Its first out­ing in Fe­bru­ary 2015 was the all-Aussie day at Lake­side and I was so chuffed to win the best re­stored award. That and hear­ing peo­ple com­ment on how good the car looks makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth­while.

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