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Australian Muscle Car - - R-Rated -

GT was also pow­ered by the re­li­able 300bhp Cleve­land V8, but in lieu of the shaker air-scoop, the bon­net was de­signed with twin ‘NACA-style’ air-ducts. In­stead of the loud ‘Su­peroo’ de­cals and bold GT stripes, the XA model came more sub­tly re­fined with blacked-out lower pan­els and win­dow frames, quad-head­lamps with Hella driv­ing lights, vented front guards, in­te­grated bon­net pins, styled rac­ing mir­ror, flip-style rac­ing fuel cap and a twin-ex­haust sys­tem with ‘rolled­edge’ rec­tan­gu­lar ex­haust tips that still barked that men­ac­ing GT note. Stan­dard wheels for the XA GT were now 12-slot­ters again, which were last seen on the early XW GTs (but now lo­cally pro­duced by ROH).

Of­fi­cially, a GT-HO ver­sion of the XA GT was never avail­able in pro­duc­tion, although one was built and sold through Jack Brab­ham Ford in Bankstown, NSW.

The sedan ver­sion of the XA GT was launched of­fi­cially in March 1972, although a pre-pro­duc­tion pi­lot run of 14 sedans was sched­uled for De­cem­ber 1971 and built in Jan­uary 1972. The first five XA GTs sched­uled to be built were Red Pep­per with white trim sedans with a ‘To­ploader’ 4-speed man­ual floor­shift, al­lo­cated to the Ford Mo­tor Com­pany as pro­mo­tional ve­hi­cles for use in sales brochures and mo­tor shows.

For the first time since Ford’s XP Fal­con, the XA model saw the re­turn of a two-door hard­top (those that re­fer to it as a coupe are tech­ni­cally in­cor­rect, as it is based on the sedan plat­form length so there­fore it’s a two-door hard­top sedan, not a shorter wheel­base coupe) which was in­tro­duced in Au­gust of 1972 with its now fa­mous ‘Coke Bot­tle’ styling. The first XA GT hard­top sched­uled to be built in June 1972, was a Red Pep­per ex­am­ple with black trim and cloth in­serts, fit­ted with the floor­shift au­to­matic trans­mis­sion, once again al­lo­cated to the Ford Mo­tor Com­pany.

A to­tal of 2759 XA GTs were built in both sedan and hard­top ver­sion. Of these, 1224 were op­tioned with the ‘FMX’ 3-speed au­to­matic trans­mis­sion, with the re­main­ing 1535 fit­ted stan­dard with the ‘To­ploader’ 4-speed man­ual floor­shift.

The most pop­u­lar colour or­dered was Red Pep­per with a com­bined 486 GT sedans and hard­tops made. This was fol­lowed by Yel­low Fire (326 ex­am­ples), Wild Vi­o­let (283), Yel­low Glow

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