Black beauty

Australian Muscle Car - - Mini Muscle -

2012 FPV GT RSpec


big Ford turned heads, es­pe­cially in this black-with-red livery. Open the bon­net and the black cover on top of the en­gine looks a bit like a ‘shaker’. The red stripe looks a bit like a Mus­tang’s. And if you bought one new, you could be get­ting nearly as much as you spent on it – it’s held its value re­mark­ably well. A quick pe­ruse of a cou­ple of ‘cars for sale’ sites showed a few around start­ing in the six­ties and at least one for sale north of $100k. Not bad for a car that was $76k new. If you’re a mere mor­tal and can’t stump up that sort of cash, then Apex Repli­cas have a sub­sti­tute for you in 1:18 to hold you over while you save up for the real thing. See for your­self at www.apexrepli­

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