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Australian Muscle Car - - Mini Muscle - with Bruce Moxon

Yet an­other Hot Wheels project. This time, the Kevin Bartlett Ca­maro. Now, Hot Wheels do in­deed have a 1981 Ca­maro. But, it’s an IROC car, so it has a bon­net scoop as well as a roll cage. Win some, lose some.

The bon­net scoop had to go. Ask­ing around at work re­vealed a col­league who had a Dremel tool. Ever heard of th­ese? An elec­tric diegrinder with lots of at­tach­ments – a real boon to a mod­eler. Cut­ting, grind­ing, smooth­ing, pol­ish­ing – all are made eas­ier with a Dremel. And Paul didn’t want this one back! Win­ning!

Af­ter drilling out the rivets, the body was the start. I cut out the scoop, which was the easy part. To ll in the mas­sive hole, I got a sheet of mod­el­ing styrene and glued (with Araldite) some on the un­der­side of the bon­net. The hole was then lled in with Tamiya mod­el­ing putty. A few days to let the putty cure, then sand­ing back (with the Dremel), more putty to ll in small im­per­fec­tions.

See­ing I was ddling around with mod­i­fy­ing the body, I de­cided to have a crack at ared guards. I used a thicker styrene this time, the thick­ness be­ing a pretty good match for the orig­i­nal ares in this scale. This nearly proved the undoing of the whole project. The ares kept pop­ping out of their spots. I tried both Su­per­glue and Araldite and nei­ther wanted to work. The an­swer was to score the sur­face of the styrene that was sup­posed to be glued, so the Araldite (that’s what I set­tled on) had some­thing to key into. But this took sev­eral goes to get right. Pa­tience and per­sis­tence are the key, here. The ares were too wide, so out came Mr Dremel again, to trim them back. Then paint. Oh, so much paint. Flat grey as an un­der­coat, then more body lling, ling, sand­ing, then an­other grey, then the blue and nally a set of stick­ers from Pat­tos Place. (Just google ‘Pat­tos Place’ – you’ll nd them). Mak­ing an air dam for the Ca­maro was be­yond me. Kevin will just have to put up with un­der­steer in high-speed cor­ners... I reckon all this took me 50 or 60 hours. Learn­ing as you go makes it longer. I have more such projects in mind; the trick is to nd suit­able donor mod­els. Find­ing Hot Wheels or Match­box cars of the right model (or nearly so) can be dif­fi­cult.

I’d love to see your at­tempts at this sort of modi cation – it’s a step be­yond just paint and stick­ers.

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