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Australian Muscle Car - - Out of Action -

S ome mus­cle cars are bought by lov­ing own­ers who pam­per them like mem­bers of the fam­ily. Other mus­cle cars, though, aren’t so lucky. Some get stolen, smashed or thrashed. Some get parked and lost un­der a layer of dust in an old shed, oth­ers get left out­side to brave the el­e­ments and slowly rust away. Sad, but true. We eye­ball plenty of beau­ti­fully main­tained and/or fully re­stored mus­cle clas­sics in AMC, but as se­ri­ous car pervs we have to ad­mit there’s few things more in­trigu­ing – or ex­cit­ing – than spotting an old clas­sic in a pad­dock, or a shed, or un­der a shady tree, that’s seen bet­ter days and in need of some TLC. Some are be­yond sav­ing, but they all have a story to tell.

So, get out your cam­eras and start snap­ping some old mus­cle cars you come across in your trav­els that are de nitely Out of Ac­tion, or close to it.

We don’t want to know where they are and we won’t be pub­lish­ing speci c lo­ca­tions, be­cause above all we must re­spect peo­ple’s pri­vacy. Please note: we don’t pub­lish im­ages we sus­pect in­volved the act of tres­pass­ing. We just want to see some good, clean pics of th­ese for­got­ten cars and short per­sonal sto­ries to go with them. For a chance to win, send your en­tries to am­ced­i­to­rial@chevron. or by post to Locked Bag 5555, St Leonards, NSW 2065.

A few years ago you posted my story and pic­tures in Mus­cle Mail about my To­rana L34 which I owned many years ago and it won the Maguires pack! I’ve been buy­ing your mag­a­zine ever since. Any­way, I work in the wine in­dus­try and was chat­ting one day to one of my winer­ies grape grow­ers and we started talk­ing about cars. I have a Monaro GTS 327 and he owns a To­rana A9X as it turns out, we both have worked to­gether for a while but never knew we were both mus­cle car fans. He men­tioned he had a To­rana that had been sit­ting in one of his vine­yards for years that “needed a bit of work”, and if I wanted it I could have it. In­ter­ested, I de­cided to take a look. As you can see from the pic, sadly, it’s too far gone. The floor is rusted out, but it has some in­ter­est­ing bits. Look closely and see a twin tailpipe jut­ting out the back, and yes that’s a fluted guard sit­ting in­side. It has no tags, but it was a floor shift, two-door with GTR guards, so who knows what it was back in the day, but a good guess is at least a GTR. The fuel tank is also miss­ing, so maybe it was an XU1. An­other clas­sic gone to heaven. Cheers, Pete

We had a travel rest stop in west­ern Queens­land, and I found this col­lec­tion sleep­ing nearby: XY and XB Falcon sedans, an XL or XM Falcon wagon, among a few ’40s and ’50s clas­sics. A storm was about to hit, so I didn’t get a chance to have a thor­ough look! Cheers, Carl

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