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On your wrist or in your face, wear­able tech is here to stay… Who knew the guys that make your home printer could also knock out a Google Glass ri­val? These specs have a front-fac­ing cam­era, head-track­ing tech and run An­droid, but that’s where the sim­i­lar­i­ties end. Dual LCD pro­jec­tors in the lenses re­place Glass’s tiny eye-line prism screen. Still, they’re cheaper…

$TBC , ep­son.com.au, out May

Peb­ble Steel

First to en­ter the smart­watch fray, this Kick­starter poster boy has had a re­design. Now with a Tri-Colour LED,

not e-ink, screen and a stain­less steel or leather strap, it looks classy.

The changes are only aes­thetic, though – no new apps or fea­tures.

$279, get­peb­ble.com, out now

LG Lifeband Touch

This is firstly a fit­ness tracker, with

a three-axis ac­celerom­e­ter and al­time­ter mea­sur­ing move­ment and

show­ing stats on its small OLED touch­screen. But it dips its toes into smart­watch ter­ri­tory, too, alert­ing An­droid and iOS users to calls and text mes­sages. Com­pat­i­bil­ity with Run­Keeper and MyFit­nessPal gives it a sport­ing chance of suc­cess.

$tbc, lg.com/au, out late 2014

This pro­fes­sional fit­ness watch mea­sures per­for­mance and heart rate – even in up to 30m of wa­ter – send­ing data in real-time to the Po­larFlow iOS and An­droid app. In­te­grated GPS maps your runs and its in­tel­li­gent soft­ware tracks your re­cov­ery with sim­i­lar ac­cu­racy.

$tbc, po­lar.com, out April

Ep­son Move­rio BT200

Garmin Vivofit

A goal-ori­en­tated fit­ness tracker much like Nike’s Fuelband, which mea­sures your reg­u­lar ex­er­tions and sets daily goals for con­stant, man­age­able im­prove­ment. Press the one, lone but­ton and it syncs data with your Garmin Con­nect pro­file.

$149, garmin.com/au, out now

Po­lar V800

Razer Nabu

It’s high time a games brand got in on the ‘gam­i­fy­ing fit­ness’ ban­gle ac­tion. The PC specialist is still de­vel­op­ing this pro­to­type, but

prom­ises an ac­celerom­e­ter, al­time­ter, Blue­tooth 4.0 to sync data and dual OLED screens to dis­play it.

$TBc, razer.com, out tbc

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