Peter Ser­afi­now­icz

Ac­tor, co­me­dian, Dark Souls sur­vivor

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So, you’re a big fan, then?

I am. I ac­tu­ally ad­ver­tised the orig­i­nal DarkSouls free of charge for over a year on Twit­ter and in per­son.

I sup­pose it’s like play­ing CandyCrush, where you

How did you get in­volved in mak­ing the se­quel?

Twit­ter again. I got in touch with Namco and told them I loved their game, and they asked me to voice one of the char­ac­ters. I also do all the ex­er­tion noises. I was play­ing it last night and died of what I think was an axe-wound haem­or­rhage. I was sur­prised be­cause I then heard my­self shout, “Aaaaaar­rrrrgh!”

Don’t people in the house as­sume you’re hurt?

They might just think I’m in the loo.

People de­velop a real ad­dic­tion to DarkSouls.

know it’s wrong but you carry on any­way. Ex­cept with DarkSouls it’s so right. On the sur­face, it’s not a unique-look­ing game. You have knights, a me­dieval fan­tasy world filled with mon­sters and blah blah, lots of games are like that, but the game­play is just so com­pelling, so sat­is­fy­ing.

Given your love of the orig­i­nal, were you con­cerned about a se­quel?

There was a big fear it would be ru­ined. You know what the In­ter­net is like – it’s hu­man na­ture to jump on some neg­a­tive band­wagon. You have people who watched Break­ingBad from the start and then when a lot of people jumped on it they went off it. But there’s so much aver­age stuff out there, when I like some­thing I get re­ally en­thu­si­as­tic.

Do you feel like that about any tech you own?

I’ve got a lit­tle Ne­spresso ma­chine – one of the first of its kind and not like the fancy ones you see to­day, you have to stop it man­u­ally. But ev­ery morn­ing I think, “Wow, what an amaz­ing in­ven­tion this is.”

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