Tur­tle Beach Ear Force PX4

Australian T3 - - RATED -

$200, turtlebeach.com

The PX4 is the first head­set de­signed for Sony’s PS4 con­sole (it’s com­pat­i­ble with the Xbox One, too, but the mic won’t work). Com­pact, light and wire­less, they’re as happy play­ing mu­sic on the com­mute as they are clos­ing in on a kill.

At­tach the wire­less trans­mit­ter to a spare USB port on your con­sole – these are in short sup­ply on the PS4, so might in­volve the reg­u­lar swap­ping about of ca­bles – and the PX4s will pair over Wi-Fi. It’s in­cred­i­bly sim­ple and the 20-me­tre range means you can wan­der quite far from your con­sole with­out sig­nal break­ing up. Al­ter­na­tively, you pair them with your smart­phone or tablet over Blue­tooth for in­cred­i­ble sound qual­ity when play­ing tunes or CandyCrush.

The sound re­ally is very good, with Dolby Dig­i­tal Sur­round Sound tech­nol­ogy cre­at­ing an ef­fec­tive pseudo‑3D ef­fect around you. Hear­ing leaves crunch­ing as foes sneak up from be­hind you can be a real tac­ti­cal ad­van­tage. They’ll also go up re­ally loud, too, so you can de­stroy your hear­ing as well as your op­po­nents.

With a 15-hour bat­tery life for marathon gam­ing ses­sions and the com­bi­na­tion of great au­dio and a rea­son­able price, this head­set is a fine choice for any­one that’s just in­vested in a next-gen con­sole. We ex­pect there’s bet­ter to come, but this isn’t bad for a first shot.

love Great sound qual­ity with Dolby Dig­i­tal Sur­round. Im­pres­sive wire­less range. Strong bat­tery life hate Mic doesn’t work with Xbox One. Takes up a USB port T3 says Ver­sa­tile next-gen gam­ing head­set shoots and scores {Spec­i­fi­ca­tions} fre­quency re­sponse

20Hz - 20,000Hz Con­nec­tiv­ity Dual-band Wi-Fi, Blue­tooth, 3.5mm com­pat­i­bil­ity PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 Bat­tery life Up to 15 hours

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