Fu­ji­film XQ1 2

Australian T3 - - RATED -

Suave looks, gen­uinely com­pact and com­pet­i­tively priced

This is the small­est mem­ber of Fu­ji­film’s retro-styled “X” se­ries to date and one of the light­est on test. It’s near iden­ti­cal in size to Canon’s S120 (op­po­site) and boasts the same 12-megapixel res­o­lu­tion, al­beit this time via a 2/3-inch CMOS sen­sor – dou­ble the size of stan­dard point and shoots. Like­wise the lens has a f/1.8 aper­ture – the smaller the num­ber the more light the lens al­lows in. So, very fa­mil­iar spec.

The XQ1’s fo­cal range stretches from a very use­ful wide-an­gle 25mm to 100mm in 35mm terms, and im­age sta­bil­i­sa­tion helps pre­vent hand wob­ble re­sult­ing in im­age blur; es­sen­tial on com­pact cam­eras with­out a hand­grip. It also has a 0.06-sec­ond aut­o­fo­cus, up to 12fps con­tin­u­ous shoot­ing, light sen­si­tiv­ity set­tings that stretch from ISO 100-12800 and a Wi-Fi but­ton for shar­ing pic­tures with a smart­phone or tablet via the free Cam­er­aAp­pli­ca­tion app.

Stills are much sharper than your aver­age point-and-shoot cam; make use of the sim­u­la­tion modes – As­tia, Provia, Velvia, Toy Cam­era and the like – and you can add real old-school flair to shoots, too. Full-HD video comes with its own but­ton and full use of the op­ti­cal zoom, al­though the noise of the lens me­chan­ics is slightly more no­tice­able when film­ing than on other cam­eras on test.

When it comes to ease of use there’s no is­sue here. Again, you get the added use­ful­ness of a lens ring, for easy man­ual zoom­ing and tog­gling be­tween oft-used set­tings – white bal­ance, ISO, con­tin­u­ous shoot­ing, etc.Adding this in­tu­itive con­trol al­most com­pen­sates for the fact that the XQ1’s back­plate but­tons are fid­dly and tiny.

De­spite a few mi­nor irks, the XQ1 of­fers classy re­sults at an at­trac­tive price. It’s an added bonus that it also hap­pens to be the best-look­ing cam­era on test.

{Spec­i­fi­cat ion} Sen­sor 12-megapixel 2/3-inch, X-Trans CMOS II dis­play 3-inch LCD Lens 25-100mm zoom 4x op­ti­cal ISO range 100-12800 Video 1080p at 60fps Stills cap­ture JPEG,

Raw, Raw + JPEG con­nec­tiv­ity Wi-Fi Bat­tery life Up to 240 shots Love DSLR-like shoot­ing from a top-qual­ity fixed lens. Retro but slim­line look. Fu­ji­film’s im­age ef­fects HATE Con­trol but­tons are tiny. Nois­ier lens me­chan­ics are ob­vi­ous when shoot­ing video. No hand­grip T3 Says Stylish and easy to use, the XQ1 de­liv­ers great re­sults and value for money

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