Mur­dered: Soul Sus­pect

R.I.P.D. is given the Silent Hill treat­ment in one thor­oughly chilly de­tec­tive yarn

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Most games start by em­pow­er­ing play­ers: su­per abil­i­ties, weapons, a quest to save hu­man­ity. In Mur­dered: Soul Sus­pect, you get thrown out of sec­ond-storey win­dow by a shad­owy as­sailant, who then pro­ceeds to empty a semi-au­to­matic into you to fin­ish the job. You’re dead be­fore you even be­gin.

Yet it’s now up to you to solve your own mur­der in the some­what ham­mily picked city of Salem. As a ghost, you can wan­der through walls, skin-ride other char­ac­ters – es­sen­tially tak­ing over both their bod­ies and minds – and even en­gage in the odd bit of clas­sic Pol­ter­geist- style item-toss­ing tom­fool­ery. As you try to get to the bot­tom of your un­timely demise, you’ll also meet other mur­der vic­tims whose cases you can opt to take on, side-mis­sion style, help­ing them cross over to the other side. Why not help out? You have an eter­nity of pur­ga­tory to fill.

Like Silent Hill by way of R.I.P.D., Mur­dered: Soul Sus­pect is a wel­come anom­aly: a hor­ror ad­ven­ture that puts a pre­mium on puzzle solv­ing rather than ac­tion, en­velop­ing the player in its own web of in­trigue. Don’t fear the reaper. From $69.95, mur­, out now on PC, PS4,X1, PS3,X360

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