how to pick a new lens

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First get to grips with aper­ture, which con­trols how much light reaches the sen­sor (rep­re­sented by the f/ num­ber: the smaller it is, the more light’s let in). This af­fects depth of field, with wide aper­tures able to cre­ate out-of-fo­cus re­sults.

For land­scapes, plump for a wide-an­gle lens (the lower the mea­sure­ment, the more is in shot). For APS-C cams, go 10-20mm, with 16mm for full-frame. Mi­cro Four Thirds owner? A 7-14mm for you.

For por­taits, prime lens op­tics are of a higher qual­ity than a zoom; 50 and 85mm are clas­sics, while 35mm is a good all-rounder.

Tele­photo lenses are the way to go for wildlife and sport (from 100mm to 300mm), while a macro lens is great for snap­ping fine de­tail (we like 105mm).

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