Australian T3 - - RATED -


speak up!

The speak­ers have been moved to the front, where they now sit at the top and bot­tom of the screen for bet­ter au­dio when you’re watch­ing videos in land­scape


snap away

The 20.7-meg cam­era not only cap­tures 4K video, but also has back­ground de­fo­cus for arty ef­fects and im­age sta­bil­i­sa­tion for elim­i­nat­ing blur


Dock it

The charg­ing port is lo­cated on the side and mag­netic, too, mak­ing it very easy to con­nect


hear me now!

Built-in noise can­celling tech works well with Sony’s bun­dled ear­phones. In a rather sneaky move it won’t func­tion quite as well with oth­ers’ though

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