Smart­phone trends we could live with­out

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Gold colour­way – Un­less you’re a Bond vil­lain, we sug­gest you stay clear of the blinged-up ver­sions of the One M8, Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S. Less the ul­ti­mate lux­ury state­ment, more the quick­est way to dis­play your lack of taste. The same goes for leather­ef­fect backs. Just say no.


In­no­va­tive se­cu­rity fea­tures – Tech can now recog­nise you by your fin­ger­print, your reti­nas or by scan­ning the vein pat­terns in your hand. It’s all very fu­tur­is­tic, but un­til the tech’s been to­tally per­fected, we’ll stick to us­ing a pin num­ber to pro­tect our more high-risk data.


Big­ger screens – The lat­est An­droid de­vices have upped their dis­play sizes again; there’s even talk that Ap­ple might be go­ing large. Enough is enough, we’re tak­ing a stand: a phone needs to be able to fit com­fort­ably in your pocket and be used with one hand.


Curved screens – We’re sincerely hop­ing that the LG G Flex and Sam­sung Galaxy Round are en­ter­tain­ing anom­alies rather than the fu­ture of smart­phones. Curved TVs make some sense, pro­vid­ing bet­ter view­ing an­gles, but the same ar­gu­ment doesn’t hold true for phones. If the only plus point is that the de­sign cups your butt cheeks bet­ter when in your back pocket, we’ll have to pass for now.


Selfie modes With phone cam­eras now pro­duc­ing snaps that most com­pact cams would be happy with, it’s all about the fea­tures. Some are help­ful – HDR and auto modes – but any that en­cour­age the re­cent selfie craze can, frankly, piss off.


People that like phones too much – Your choice of phone does not de­fine you as a hu­man be­ing. Any­one that does not agree with your choice of hand­set is nei­ther an “iD­iot” nor are they swal­low­ing “SamSh*t”.

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