Re move yourself from the in­ter­net

Not even the NSA will be able to find you

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1/ So­cial sui­cide – be­gin by delet­ing yourself from so­cial net­works. Face­book only al­lows you to de­ac­ti­vate, not re­move, your ac­count; to erase it you’ll have to con­tact them di­rectly. Yes, we know.

2/ Delete all ac­counts – head to Just­ to see which of your reg­u­lar stop-offs are eas­i­est

to wipe (Google is a cinch, Ever­note is al­most im­pos­si­ble). If you can’t delete the ac­count, sim­ply

fal­sify your de­tails – name, date of birth, etc. 3/ Mass un­sub­scribe – Use Th­eswiz­ to get out of ev­ery news­let­ter you’ve signed up to. 4/ Delete your email ac­count – this has to be the last thing you do, as you’ll need your email ad­dress

ac­tive in or­der to stop all your other ac­counts. 5/ Browse incog­nito – Head to Duck­, a search en­gine that doesn’t track your ac­tiv­i­ties,

to make sure you re­main in­vis­i­ble on­line.

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