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the boots 1/ Mizuno Basara Ja­pan’s pre­mier boot pur­veyor has his­tor­i­cally been a sucker for speed. The Basaras are no dif­fer­ent, in­ject­ing pace by swap­ping kan­ga­roo leather for syn­thetic Prime Skin. Weigh­ing just 185g, they’re more mal­leable yet still durable enough for the tough­est of pitches. Per­fect for pacey wingers. $210, ac­tive­in­ 2/ War­rior Skreamer II Many mod­ern boots are sac­ri­fic­ing pro­tec­tion in favour of quick­ness and a more nat­u­ral feel, but War­rior aims to achieve both with its light­weight Tho­rax Exo-Skele­ton. Es­sen­tially a cage around the mid-foot, it will fully pro­tect you when you de­cide to belt the ball the length of the pitch. US$180, war­rior­foot­ 3/ Un­der Ar­mour ClutchFit Force This is com­pres­sion wear for your feet, hug­ging the con­tours of your mus­cles nice and tightly. The sub­tly tex­tured sur­face also gives good feel and con­trol of the ball, mak­ing these a fine choice for the en­gine-room roamers among us. $297, un­der­ar­ thek­it­bag 4/ Tru­sox Ever been asked to “pull your socks up” by the coach? No more. These clever foot sacks, sported by Suarez and “Cor” Vi­dal, have grip pads on the in­side and out that se­cure your feet. These not only add power to your late, dart­ing runs, but also gain grip as you get sweatier to pre­vent sag­ging. $40, tru­ 5/ Hex­oskin This bio­met­ric shirt con­tains a packed mid­field of stitched-in, stretch­able sen­sors, mea­sur­ing heart rate, breath­ing and the vol­ume of your lungs in real-time. Data is sent to an iOS or An­droid app, where you can study just how in­ef­fec­tive you were strut­ting about in the “Makélélé role”. CA$399, hex­ 6/ Mitre Air­cell Pro Guard The hon­ey­comb struc­ture of these shin guards prom­ises to al­le­vi­ate the hell of sweaty shin syn­drome, as well as

hold­ing firm against the rak­ing studs of back-four hatchet men. Dual-den­sity foam adds an ex­tra level of shock ab­sorp­tion, with­out lay­er­ing on too much bulk, which is ideal if you favour a Thomas Müller-es­que, socks-down look on match days. US$17, 7/ Tom­bag Waxed Can­vas bag Spon­sor­ship deal still out of reach? Keep your kit stylishly un­der­stated and re­fresh­ingly un­branded, then, in this waxed, 22-litre can­vas bag, which can be held like a duf­fel or slung over the shoul­der non­cha­lantly. Tom­bag de­signs for the Royal Marines, too, so it’s def­i­nitely more than up to the odd locker-room beat­ing. $190, tom­ 8/ Nike Foot­ball It may have taken longer to ar­rive than an Aussie win, but the sports gi­ant’s lat­est be­spoke app was well worth the wait. You can use it to chew the lat­est soc­cer­ball fat, ar­range lo­cal games and par­tic­i­pate in live Q&As with pros. Best of all, it alerts you to Nike Academy tri­als nearby, for when you de­cide you can be ar­sed to turn pro. Free on iOS and An­droid, the keeper’s net stash 9/ Reusch Goalie For “Keeps”, no piece of kit is more pre­cious than gloves. So keep them suit­ably safe and sep­a­rate from the rest of your dirty gear in this wa­ter­proof bag. $9, prodi­rect­soc­ 10/ McDavid Long-Sleeve Hex Goal­keeper Shirt Dive II Hang­ing out be­tween the sticks can get chilly if your de­fence is do­ing its job. This com­pres­sion top will keep you toasty, while shock-ab­sorb­ing pads pro­tect you dur­ing full-length dives. $118, 11/ Adi­das Preda­tor Zones Ul­ti­mate De­signed for, and with the help of, Ger­man shot-stop­per ex­traor­di­naire Manuel Neuer, these mighty mitts max­imise the sur­face area with grippy la­tex, while it even has re­mov­able spines to pro­tect your poor fin­gers. $235, prodi­rect­soc­

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