Asimo vs Jibo

One su­per-ad­vanced an­droid slave vs one you can ac­tu­ally buy. Fight!

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One’s a su­per-ro­bot. The other shows videos on its face, but is some­what cheaper


Honda’s in-house droid has gone through eight it­er­a­tions since its 2000 launch – the 2006 one was rather fond of fall­ing over hi­lar­i­ously (check YouTube). But this year’s more re­li­able, up­graded bot can now run at 9km/h, dodge pedes­tri­ans and is now classed as “fully au­ton­o­mous”, so long as you re­mem­ber to charge him up. Honda’s ro­bot­ics boffs have also taught Asimo to

dis­tin­guish be­tween voices, while its hands are dex­trous enough to twist off

bot­tle-caps and use sign lan­guage. Un­for­tu­nately it’s stuck play­ing ro­botic guinea pig for the fore­see­able fu­ture so there’s no hope of hav­ing one in your house just yet, although that is the goal.


For now, this lit­tle Pixar-ish cutie is the ul­ti­mate home robo-pal. The Indiegogo cre­ation does ev­ery­thing from snap­ping self­ies to teach­ing your kids by means of ed­u­ca­tional games and videos. He

has a touch­screen for a face, two speak­ers for a voice­box, a 360-de­gree

mic for ears and a cam­era with fa­cial-recog­ni­tion soft­ware for eyes. Move­ment is han­dled by a three-axis mo­tor, and the idio­syn­cratic move­ment this gives Jibo im­bues him with a lot per­son­al­ity. Move over, Lassie…

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