Why Google wears it well

So Google wants to know your in­ner­most thoughts and track your ev­ery move? Ware­able.com’s ed­i­tor in chief is just fine with that

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Re­think by Paul Lamkin

An­droid Wear is here, and it’s much more than a hum­ble op­er­at­ing sys­tem for smart­watches. It is, in fact, another step to­wards Google’s mas­ter­plan of a world run on al­go­rithms.

With wear­ables, ev­ery­thing you say, see, hear, taste or touch could po­ten­tially be avail­able to Google, as could the data from inside your body, thanks to their plethora of med­i­cal sen­sors. Sound scary? It shouldn’t. We’ll all be as happy as Larry in Google’s brave new world.

Imag­ine this: you’re wo­ken up at the per­fect time based on an al­go­rithm com­bin­ing fac­tors from the weather to your hor­mone lev­els. You step into a shower al­ready flow­ing with wa­ter set at the op­ti­mum tem­per­a­ture.

Down­stairs, your break­fast has been pre­pared by your An­droid droid – Google ac­quired eight ro­bot spe­cial­ist com­pa­nies in 2013, as well as spend­ing around US$500 mil­lion on AI firm Deep­Mind. No ba­con to­day, though: bio­met­ric read­ings show your body fat per­cent­age run­ning high and fi­bre low, so it’s por­ridge all the way.

A Google car drives you to work, where the morn­ing meet­ing is mon­i­tored by your Google Glass so your Chrome PC has all the re­quired apps and doc­u­ments for the day’s work ready by the time you’re back at your desk.

When you get home, you’re greeted with the per­fect snack and the TV will be ready to go with the show or movie that ide­ally suits your mood. The al­go­rithm knows all.

So there’s no need to be scared, just be­cause you’re putting your life in the hands of an ecosys­tem that knows more about you than you do your­self. Un­hap­pi­ness and even ill­ness could be­come relics of the past on Google Earth. And the only price you have to pay for that is spon­tane­ity. Ready to wear? Paul is ed­i­tor in chief of Ware­able.com

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