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Mi­crosoft bins An­droid Nokia X

It’s a log­i­cal step. I mean, what’s the point in hav­ing a hugely cus­tomised OS which will never be on the lat­est up­grade or have Google ser­vices in as free-flow­ing man­ner as reg­u­lar An­droid? Mi­crosoft has ex­cel­lent soft­ware but this was a bad idea.

Charles Jayan, via Face­book

Wea­gree,Charles.Win­dowsPhone8is anun­der-ap­pre­ci­at­edge­mandA­ma­zon’s Fire­Phone(p71)sug­gest­sthatheav­ily pro­pri­etaryver­sion­sofAn­droidarenota greatidea.

Or­dered chaos

I re­ally wish Face­book would put news­feed in proper chrono­log­i­cal or­der, like Twit­ter.

Jonathan Buck­nall, via Twit­ter


Tab S vs iPad: it’s a tie!

It’s horses for cour­ses: both are ter­rific ma­chines. I like the An­droid plat­form per­son­ally, but I doubt that Ap­ple will worry too much as they have their fans.

Steve Baxter, via Face­book

Sor­rySteve,but­thereis­sim­ply­no­room­fora pointofviewas­rea­son­ableasy­oursinthe world­oftech.

Ap­ple ad­mits it was wrong?

I’ve heard the ru­mours that Ap­ple will re­lease the iPhone 6 with more than one screen size, but I can’t see it. That would be an ad­mis­sion that Sam­sung was right.

Peter Grove, via Face­book


Porsche spice

I like Porsche, but it seems to me that the only peo­ple who can af­ford to drive its cars are il­lit­er­ate foot­ball stars, B-list re­al­ity celebs, thiev­ing bankers and old, fat peo­ple who are suf­fer­ing from a mid-life cri­sis.

Chris Ditch­burn, via Face­book

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