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With decades of gad­geteer­ing wis­dom, Tech Dad has the an­swers to all your parental dilem­mas Dear Tech Dad, My 12-month-old son still hasn’t started walk­ing. Is there a pro­ce­dure or even some kind of gizmo to help him find his feet? GEORGE If you can’t wait un­til he starts saun­ter­ing around nat­u­rally, you can speed things up by us­ing the Nini Walker, a light, two-wheel push-along. $94, nini­walker.com Dear Tech Dad, My four-year-old daugh­ter’s be­sot­ted with my iPad Mini. Are there any de­cent pro­tec­tion sleeves on the mar­ket? LOUIS Deck out your tablet with one of Grif­fin’s an­i­mal-shaped sil­i­cone cov­ers and no ham-fisted malarkey will ruin your shiny Retina screen. US$40, griffin­tech­nol­ogy.com Dear Tech Dad, Is there any prac­ti­cal way to warm up baby wipes so my son doesn’t flinch ev­ery time I tend to his nether re­gions? SANDY The mains-pow­ered Prince Lion­heart Ul­ti­mate Wipes Warmer uses an evap­o­ra­tion and con­den­sa­tion process to keep wipes warm and moist, while its anti-mi­cro­bial ad­di­tive pre­vents the ar­rival of mildewre­lated un­pleas­ant­ness. $50, wrig­gle­pot.com.au

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