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Fast, fun, beau­ti­ful and so­cial, DriveClub is the PlaySta­tion 4’s flag­ship racer, and it does a fine job of show­ing off what Sony’s con­sole can do at this early stage in its ca­reer. The game shrugs off the ar­cade-y open world ap­proach em­braced by Forza Hori­zon2, but keeps things more ac­ces­si­ble than the un­for­giv­ingly se­ri­ous rac­ing we’ve seen from the likes of Gran Turismo.

DriveClub’s cars look and sound amaz­ing, par­tic­u­larly when you place the cam­era inside their metic­u­lously crafted cab­ins. They’re sat­is­fy­ingly sticky, too. Fling them around cor­ners and they’ll hang on to the road for dear life. They don’t take dam­age, but time penal­ties are in­flicted for col­li­sions. One area where DriveClub has it all over

Forza Hori­zon2 is in the ge­o­graph­i­cal va­ri­ety of its tracks. You’ll visit Scot­land, Chile and In­dia, to name a few, and each route looks like it was lifted di­rectly from that coun­try’s lat­est tourism cam­paign.

As you’d ex­pect from a mod­ern flag­ship racer, DriveClub takes the ac­tion on­line, giv­ing you face-off chal­lenges to tackle and let­ting you race with or against your friends.


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