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Un­til now, ev­ery game based on the iconic Alien movie fran­chise has taken its cues from James Cameron’s Aliens – the fran­chise’s gun-totin’, space-marinin’, Alien-Queenin’ sec­ond in­stal­ment. On pa­per this makes plenty of sense. Gamers like guns. Aliens has lots of them. It’s a mar­riage made in heaven. Un­for­tu­nately those games never turned out to be any good – Aliens: Colo­nial Marines, we’re look­ing at you.

It now seems that all along de­vel­op­ers should have been tak­ing in­spi­ra­tion from the orig­i­nal and best Xenomorph flick, Ri­d­ley Scott’s Alien. Iso­la­tion has proved that there are more ef­fec­tive ways of us­ing the prop­erty than to give play­ers an enor­mous gun and have them un­load on wave upon wave of black space beast­ies with­out break­ing a sweat. It kind of un­der­mines the idea the en­tire fran­chise is based on, that th­ese crea­tures are the ul­ti­mate killing ma­chine . The per­fect or­gan­ism.

AlienIso­la­tion takes place be­tween the events of the first and sec­ond film, plac­ing you in the boots of Amanda, Ellen Ri­p­ley’s daugh­ter. As you try to in­ves­ti­gate what hap­pened to your mother, you find your­self in a sim­i­lar predica­ment to her first en­counter: trapped on a space­ship, with a lone alien, and no gun to de­fend your­self. To say more would spoil the ter­ror that’s in store, but rest as­sured it’s very good and very, very fright­en­ing.

Play it when you’re home alone with the lights off. We dou­ble dare you.

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