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Body lan­guage ex­pert Robert Phipps

re­veals the tell-tale signs… 1/ Look into their eyes Most peo­ple avoid your gaze when they tell a lit­tle lie, but if it’s a whopper they are more likely to look you straight in the eye. 2/ See how they hand-le it If some­one’s

nor­mally quite demon­stra­tive, their move­ments are likely to de­crease, and vice versa, as ner­vous en­ergy kicks in. 3/ Look down The feet and legs are the fur­thest from our brain, so are the hard­est body parts to con­trol. They act com­pletely un­con­sciously most of the time, par­tic­u­larly when stressed, and

ly­ing is stress­ful for most peo­ple. 4/ Spot self-com­fort Most peo­ple will com­fort them­selves ei­ther as they tell the lie or shortly af­ter­wards: cross­ing their arms, rub­bing one arm around the bi­cep or rub­bing the back of the head

or even the throat. 5/ Check out the mouth A dry mouth is a dead give­away. Watch out for peo­ple lick­ing their lips more of­ten than nor­mal, or bit­ing their bot­tom lip,

as if to stop the lie com­ing out.

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