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Daniel Pri­mack of wine stor­age ex­perts EuroCave on how to per­fect your plonk 1/ Turn out the lights You don’t need to keep wine un­der screw cap ly­ing down like wine un­der cork. All other bot­tles should be stored

in a dark, 12°C stor­age en­vi­ron­ment. 2/ Score the per­fect ten When it comes to white and rosé, the more com­plex and finer the wine the nearer to 10°C you should serve it, but it’s down to per­sonal pref­er­ence re­ally.

3/ Stay cool Wine stored be­low 10°C is pre­vented from ma­tur­ing and im­prov­ing. Wine re­cov­ered from the Ti­tanic was almost

as fresh as the day it was bot­tled. 4/ Avoid UV UV light breaks down the wine, ru­in­ing the colour and taste. That in­cludes sun­light, but also flu­o­res­cent tube light­ing. 5/ Use classy glass The glass you drink from af­fects wine’s flavour. Glasses should be thin

and light, and curve in­wards at the top.

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