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With years of gad­get know-how, Tech Dad has the an­swers to all your fa­mil­ial co­nun­drums Dear Tech Dad, Is there a prac­ti­cal way to re­mind me when to reap­ply my son’s sun cream on hol­i­day? JU­DITH/MEL­BOURNE SunFriend mon­i­tors UVA and UVB rays so your lad gets just the right amount of valu­able vi­ta­min D with­out his skin turn­ing a darker shade of pink. Sim­ply pre-pro­gram his skin colour into the de­vice and let the SunFriend keep track of the time. When a cir­cle of LEDs il­lu­mi­nate, hit the bot­tle. $50, sunfriend.com.au Dear Tech Dad, How can I keep in touch with my four-yearold while I’m work­ing away from home? JAKE/SYD­NEY Toy­mail uses wi-fi to re­lay mes­sages and pri­vate voice­mails sent from a ded­i­cated app in your iOS or An­droid de­vice to a walki­etalkie-like toy. Great fun. $92, fire­box.com Dear Tech Dad, How can I pro­gram a timer on my son’s Nexus 7? He never stops play­ing with the damn thing and I’m at the end of my tether. RAY/HO­BART Try the TechNo Parental Con­trol app for An­droid de­vices. It lets you re­strict the use of any An­droid prod­uct and you can also set a time scale to stop your off­spring from sneak­ing “one last game”, after hours. $1.81, techno-app.com

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