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Master your ol­lies with Sphero’s smart­phone-con­trolled au­tom­a­ton

What’s cylin­dri­cal, spins on its axis, bar­rels along at 23 km/h, flips, spins and has the ca­pac­ity to scare pets and de­stroy your home? Sphero’s Ol­lie. This lit­tle ro­bot re­lies on smart­phone fin­ger-swipe in­put to per­form a pre­set cir­cus of tricks – in­clud­ing the fa­mous skate­board stunt from which it gets its name – but it can also be pro­grammed us­ing a se­ries of sim­ple code com­mands. In short, this fun­filled au­tom­a­ton teaches kids the ba­sics of ro­bot­ics with in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion. Whoops, there goes the Ming! $150,­lie

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