In­tel’s Make it Wear­able contest has thrown up smart giz­mos of the fu­ture we ac­tu­ally want to get our hands on

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Blocks is es­sen­tially the smart­watch equiv­a­lent of Google’s Project Ara

mod­u­lar smart­phone. It makes a hell of a lot of sense – the var­i­ous blue­tooth-con­nected mod­ules form the watch’s strap, so you can add a mi­cro­phone and SIM card when you need to make a call, or GPS and a heart-rate mon­i­tor when you feel the urge for a jog.



Any­one who’s seen Ely­sium will know how dan­ger­ous fac­to­ries can be, but ProGlove might be the de­vice that saves you from an ir­ra­di­ated, con­vo­luted

doom. The glove dis­plays con­text-sen­si­tive in­for­ma­tion to assem­bly-line labour­ers, de­tect­ing volt­ages and tem­per­a­tures, in­di­cat­ing how two parts are as­sem­bled, or ex­plain­ing why District9 was much bet­ter in ev­ery sin­gle way.



Es­sen­tially a heatsink for your wrist, Wris­tify’s bracelet warms up or cools down de­pend­ing on whether you want to feel toasty or chilly. It may sound like pseudo sci­ence, but ac­cord­ing to the de­vice’s cre­ators al­ter­ing tem­per­a­tures in a tiny spot can make the wearer feel a lot more com­fort­able, which should in turn re­duce heat­ing bills and ul­ti­mately save the planet.



While it may sound like the ul­ti­mate Amer­i­can Christ­mas treat, Snow­cookie is in fact a ski-cen­tric multi-sen­sor. Be­gin­ners who use it will re­ceive ad­vice on how to im­prove their pos­ture and tech­nique, while pros get feed­back on the an­gle and pres­sure of their skis so they can fine-tune their per­for­mance. And there’s not a crumb in sight.


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