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Sun­set Over­drive feels like the game we’d wind up with if Trey Parker and Matt Stone – the cre­ators of

South Park – set out to make Ratchet & Clank. It’s a foul-mouthed, flu­oro-slimed ac­tioner bub­bling over with places to go and things to shoot.

From the very first gun you get your hands on – the un­sub­tly phal­lic Flaming Com­pen­sator – Sun­set

Over­drive in­jects a se­ri­ously child­ish yet adult sense of hu­mour into the pro­ceed­ings. This game feels naughty, which is not a word we’d of­ten use to de­scribe a AAA ti­tle.

But it’s Sun­set Over­drive’s ac­tion that will stay with you. It’s re­lent­less, largely due to the thrilling na­ture of the game’s tra­ver­sal sys­tem. Mov­ing from point A to point B feels like an ac­tion set piece, though you may not fire a sin­gle round. Add an end­less pa­rade of monsters, mu­tants and gi­ant slug-like beasts to blast out­landish weapons at once you reach your des­ti­na­tion, and you’ll never be short of some­thing to do.


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